Company Overview

Host Havoc Ltd. is a registered Canadian company situated in Ottawa, Canada. Our team is comprised of highly motivated, talented, inspiring individuals. As a company, our number one goal is to ensure our customers' satisfaction at all costs. We strive to maintain a low overhead operation alongside the adherence to an exceptionally high standard for quality. This allows our customers to reap the benefits of having a cost friendly solution which boasts exceptional performance.

Our Team Members

Clay Founder and CEO
Clay is the founder and CEO of Host Havoc. He has been a gamer from the start and has always taken interest in hosting servers.
Scott General Manager
Our general manager! Scott is a driven individual always looking to learn and try new things. He will stop at nothing to ensure our customers are happy.
Chris Business/Financial Advisor
Chris, aside from dressing quite sharply, is critical to our company's financial operations and management. He takes care of our invoices, taxes and any other financial issues.
Zack Support Lead
Zack is a proactive, dedicated member of our team who ensures our support services and staff are on point. You’ll most often see him responding to tickets during the night hours.
Ian Support Technician
Ian is a bright, positive member of our support team. Like Clay, he enjoys his Tim Hortons every morning before starting his day of work.
Aaron Support Technician
Aaron maintains a balance of seriousness and comical behavior, all in the interest of ensuring our customers are happy with both the support and technical aspect of our services.
Jeffery Support Technician
Jeffery is an independent, proactive learner who will for the most part, figure out any issue you may experience with your hosting services.
Morgan Live Chat Technician
Morgan is a very friendly, helpful individual who always seeks out the best of any situation. She is currently in training and will soon be taking care of our live sales chat!